Confirm the product you’re buying is legitimate

The process of buying gold is unregulated but easily navigated with guidance. If you need help determining whether a product is genuine, use the list of safe practices below.See more

Bullion bars & coins

  • Obtain a certificate of ownership in writing.
  • Obtain a certificate of authenticity proving your gold’s purity.

Numismatic coins & other collectibles

  • Verify collectibles through an independent grading service.
  • Check the serial number of any professional grading service online or by phone.

Investment jewelry

  • Check jewelry for hallmarks and ensure the gold content is pure. Demand proof of the jewelry’s melt value.

Managed gold products

  • Confirm whether you own specific pieces of gold or share ownership in a ‘pool’ of allocated gold.
  • Check whether you can withdraw physical gold from your managed product on request and the fees for doing so.


  • Confirm if third parties are involved in the sale. If so, research their legitimacy, too.

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