Choose the right gold product for you

Different gold products offer different benefits. Are you sure you know which type of gold best matches your investment goals? If not, click below for more information on gold products.See more

Bullion bars & coins
Bullion bars and coins could be an excellent choice for investment. Premiums on bullion — particularly bars — are low and can get even lower as the size of the bar increases. Bullion and coins can also attract tax benefits, but this varies from region to region.

Numismatic coins & other collectibles
Numismatic gold coins and collector items, such as medals, typically hold additional worth beyond their gold content because of their design or scarcity.

Investment jewelry
Jewelry made of highly pure gold qualifies as an investment in many markets. Pieces are often sold by the gram, but luxury brands can hold additional value.

Managed gold products
Own your gold outright and avoid storage issues. When you buy bullion, collectibles, and jewellery you will have to arrange safe storage. Managed gold products are kept safely in professional vaults on your behalf.

Gold-backed ETFs & similar products
Physically-backed gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded commodities (ETCs), and similar products are exchange-traded investment vehicles which invest in gold bullion. Physical gold ETFs allow investors to gain exposure to gold as an asset class through the convenience of a modern investment product. Customers who buy shares in ETFs do not have to trade physical gold directly or manage the safekeeping of their holdings; they can buy shares in these ETFs as easily and quickly as they would buy shares in listed companies.

Gold futures, options & forwards
Gold futures are agreements to buy or sell gold in the future at specified terms, including price, quantity, quality and date. Gold futures are standardised contracts, which are traded on regulated exchanges and give investors the flexibility to go either long or short on gold.

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