Evaluate the costs & fees

When you’re buying gold, understanding the associated fees is paramount. Are you positive that you’re aware of the total cost involved in your purchase? If not, reference the below list.See more

Sale price

  • Make sure your seller explains their sale price, including any premiums.

Purchase fees & commissions

  • A common cost associated with most gold purchases.

Delivery fees

  • Having gold delivered to you or a professional vault? Delivery fees may apply.

Storage fees and Insurance

If you store your gold:

  • at a professional vault, storage fees will normally be charged. Typically, insurance is included.
  • in a safe deposit box at a bank or other facility, there will be a box rental fee. You can buy insurance from the bank or facility or an outside insurance company.
  • yourself, there is of course no storage fee. You should assess whether you need to buy insurance.

Selling fees

  • Understand what potentially selling your gold involves.

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